Collaborative Work in a Public School

What's up fellows?
I want to share with all of you some pictures of a Collaborative Work I supervised last October 23rd in Mahatma Gandhi School in Chamapa, where our colleagues Moni, Alejandra, and Berenice (this last in picture 3) work day after day.
The activity was designed to put into practice all knowledge students have learnt during the first months of this school year.
First graders activity applied Total Physical Response principles, so students followed intructions given by an advanced student. Picture number 1 shows how students formed numbers with different color sheets.
Second graders performed presentations and role plays in which they introduced and described widely known people. We met Rey Misterio, Mohamed Ali, and also different bands. Pictures 2 and 4 show these activities.
Thrid graders sang a nice-warm-sweet song. There was the typical big-balloon floating above people with slam included. There is no picture about it but we have a video tape not included in this post for technical reasons only. I promise to post videos on YouTube soon.
The most important thing I could saw was the collaboration among teachers. This proved things can work if we collaborate each other. So, let's keep working on this way.
Greetings for all of you colleagues!

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