A Wonderful Project in a Public School in Edomex

Hello colleagues!
I want to share with all of you some pictures of a interesting Project that took place in a public school, Secundaria No 80, La Magdalena Atlicpac, Los Reyes La Paz, Estado de Mexico.
There were 7 balloons of different shapes and colors in the air. Students and teachers in that school got a lot of fun with this project, and also worked in cross curricular tasks.
Information about the Project:
Length. They worked in the project for three weeks, from October 27th to November 14th.
Organization. They came to an agreement in Academies, English, Mathematics, and Science. They prepared different tasks (duration of the project, responsibilities, dates, how to evaluate the project, etc).
Expansion. Students looked for information about balloons -construction, materials, etc. - in different sources, such as magazines, text books, encyclopedias, and Internet. They prepared mock-ups in order to present the information. Students built balloons.
Evaluation. They prepared some qustions to be answered,
- How can this kind of projects help curriculum development?
- How are approaches of different matters developed?
- How is “Perfil de Egreso 2006” reached?

Congratulations to all teachers and studentes of this public school! Specialy to English teachers! Thanks Ana for share your experience and pictures!

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