Student-centered Teaching Using Technology in the Language Classroom

Last March 28th, at Secundaria 17 in Ciudad Satélite, Naucalpan, English teachers took a super-interesting Workshop! Professor Russell J. Barczyk worked with 25 intelligent and nice people who generated their own blogs (just ckeck the links on the right colum). All of us got fun and learned!

Professor Russell is a Senior English Language Fellow and Teacher Trainer from the Kingdom of Bahrain who has worked in Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, USA, Japan, and Germany. Now he worked with us in Naucalpan, México.

As a matter of fact, do you know where the Kingdom of Bahrain is? If don't, link it! We practiced with Blogs and we knew more about WebQuest. We are completly sure this Workshop will help us to develop those students skills mentioned in our "Plan de Estudios"; check the "Perfil de Egreso" on page 9 of the book refered, please.

For further information about this Workshop visit Professor Russell's Blog.

And Of Course we want to thank Mtra. Diana Castañón López from the Escuela Normal Superior de México (ENSM) for facilitate this Workshop. Thank you very much Diana! Here she is:

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Hi Diana! The reason for this message is to ask the most respectful manner leave of absence to your class that day because by the time I find myself from participating in the final football soccer of the Olympic UAM 2009 which takes place at UAM -X.

No more at the moment I appreciate the attention paid to this.

PS: I promise to tell all my classmates in English as I was with great faith and hope to win.

I leave you in your e-mail my recording