TOEFL Test Preparation Course

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) allows teachers to prepare for Certification. In an imminent future we have to be certificated. So, why don’t we start already?

Some colleagues are taking this course with Teacher Maricruz Aguilera Moreno from the Escuela Normal Superior de México and Celex-IPN. They are: Lulú (Sec. 11), Jackie and Nora (Sec. 68), Moni and Alejandra (Sec. 100), Ro (Sec. 118), Alejandro (Sec. Nocturna) and Víctor (Sector 1).

Methodology applied by Teacher Maricruz is based on the most up-to-date resources available. We are sure we are going to get good results with this Course. Thanks Maricruz.

We are having itinerant sessions all Saturdays:

  • Session 1: Secundaria 68 in San Antonio Zomeyucan,
  • Session 2: Secundaria 11 in Echegaray,
  • Session 3: Secundaria 50 in Satélite,
  • Session 4: Secundaria 100 in San Rafael Chamapa,
  • Session 5: Secundaria Nocturna Number 5
  • Seccion 6: Secundaria 34 in San Rafael Chamapa
  • Sessíon 7: Secundaria 17 in Ciudad Satélite
  • Session 8 and final: Preparatoria Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz where Jackie work

Guess What!!! Session number 6 we tried to have it in Secundaria 118 in San Francisco Chimalpa but, there was a little trouble, school was closed! So we moved to Secundaria 34. We have to say thank you to the Principal, Professor Roberto Montoya Citalán. That's when we can verify support of colleagues. Thanks Professor Montoya!

3 comentarios:

Rocio Martinez dijo...

Hi Víctor Hugo!!

TOEFL's course is a challenge I'm taking. It's been not easy, but I'll do it. As you say, we must be certificated maybe in a future, but we're being tested everyday by our students ;) See U soon!!!

My appreciation.
Rocío Martínez

Mónica Jasmín dijo...


This course is a great opportunity for improve my english, really I am learning a lot and being better in the classroom (my job) . Thanks for all.

Nice week!!!
Mónica J. Montoya

Anónimo dijo...

Studying in group has been good because it results less difficult, besides we can also enjoy jokes. i think we will get good grades in our Toefl examination.
Thanks for the opportunity.

Nora Sánchez