2008-2009 Scholarship Programmes of The Anglo Mexican Foundation

Dear colleagues,
This year The Anglo Mexican Foundation offers its Scholarship Programmes once again.
Last 2007-2008 Scholarship we were 16 State of Mexico English Teachers who had the opportunity to develop our competences on teaching through the ISTT and TTC courses.
This year we have to be more! It’s our goal!
If you are interested in a scholarship, this year there are three courses:
- The In-Service Teacher Training Course (ISTTC) (90 hours)
- The Teacher Training Course (TTC) (180 hours)
- The Teacher Development Coourse (TDC) (180 hours)
Remember, it’s a full scholarship so we don’t have to pay anything for them.
For further information contact:
Anglocentro Antonio Caso: 3067-8823
Or let us contact you with a message in this section
The ProDAMI keeps working!
Remember: Updating is a way of life in Teaching.

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