The Hanover Academic Experiences. Part III

Thursday, July 10
Weather: Mostly sunny, high of 80, low of 56

Today's Syllabus:
1. Observations of Accelerated Language Programs (ALPs) Master classes and drills.
2. Local teachers of English as a Second Language share their perspectives about the ALPs immersion experience as ESL and their own teaching outside of Rassias Center.
3. Rassias Workshop.
4.Steven Atkins, Psy. D. Psychologist, School Consultant, Dartmouth Medical School, "At Risk Populations".

If you want to take a walk around town, see the map of Hanover.

Early in the morning we observed accelerated language classes. A seven groups of French, German, and Japanese students, all of them applying drills with Rassias' Method. I observed a French spoken class where learners followed each one the paradigm of drills in the Method. Once again it brought snaping and visual contact between teacher and students out to me. Helen Rassias gave us instructions in order to get the best of all.

Colleagues in work:
Alexa and Linda shared their experiences about the ALPs immersion as ESL teaching outside of the Rassias.

By the end of the day Dr. Steve Atkins, co-authored of three books speached about teaching, learning and learning disabilities. Dr. Atkins holds a Masters degree in Education from Harvard University and a Doctorate of Psychology from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. -Do you remember than very popular book 'Because I Said so! Dealing With Family Squabbles'?

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